Frequently Asked Questions

At Freedom in Motion Physical Therapy we are dedicated to providing each patient with the information and resources they need to get the most out of their physical therapy treatments. We’ve taken some time to answer some of the most common questions we receive about our PT treatments and services.

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Physical Therapist in Concord NH

“Physical therapists are healthcare professionals who maintain, restore, and improve movement, activity, and health enabling an individual to have optimal functioning and quality of life, while ensuring patient safety and applying evidence to provide efficient and effective care. Physical therapists evaluate, diagnose, and manage individuals of all ages who have impairments, activity limitations, and participation restrictions. In addition, physical therapists are involved in promoting health, wellness, and fitness through risk factor identification and the implementation of services to reduce risk, slow the progression of or prevent functional decline and disability, and enhance participation in chosen life situations.”

(American Physical Therapy Association. Today’s Physical Therapist: A Comprehensive Review of a 21st-Century Health Care Profession).

If you have pain or increased difficulty performing your sport, work or daily activities, physical therapy is right for you!

Yes, we accept Worker’s Compensation claims. We will need some basic information regarding the claim and we will take care of the rest.

A comprehensive evaluation which includes reviewing your medical history and performing a detailed evaluation to determine which treatments will be best for your needs. Your treatment will be started and you may be given exercises to start doing at home to help speed your recovery.
Bring your insurance card, the provider’s referral (if you have one), and a list of your current medications. Also any imaging reports, such as x-ray, MRI, or CT scan are helpful (we do not need a copy of the study, just the report).

You will want to wear comfortable clothing that allow easy movement and exposure/access to the area being treated. Please wear proper footwear you can exercise in. Flip-flops, sandals, Crocs, etc. are discouraged, as they do not provide good support and wearing them may limit your treatment. If you are coming to your appointment from work or during inclement weather you can bring your clothes and change in our facility.

A referral for Physical Therapy is not always required. In the State of New Hampshire, physical therapists can treat a patient without a referral. However, some insurance companies require a provider’s referral for coverage of physical therapy services.

To find out if a referral is required for physical therapy coverage, call the number on your insurance card and ask if you need a medical provider referral for outpatient physical therapy services. Alternatively, you can contact our office and we are more than happy to help you determine if you require a referral for treatment. If a referral is required, your provider can fax the referral to Freedom in Motion Physical Therapy at 603-753-2944 or you can bring it with you to your first appointment.

No, you have the right to go anywhere you want for your physical therapy care. In today’s healthcare system, many physicians are part of large groups or hospital networks. Many of these groups and hospital networks own their own physical therapy practices, so they will refer you to their facilities. Freedom in Motion Physical Therapy is independently owned and operated by a physical therapist who lives, works and shops in the communities he serves.

Freedom in Motion Physical Therapy accepts Medicare, most major insurances and Workers Compensation. We will verify your benefits and let you know what your coverage is.

No problem, we offer a reasonable flat rate fee per visit.

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